Jatinder Marwaha is a portrait and architectural photographer, currently based in London, whose assignments take him across the globe from North America to South Asia.

Trained as an architect, Jatinder followed his passion for images and built a career in editorial and architectural photography. He later attended graduate school in the USA, studying visual & interactive communications. Between 1999 and 2003 he worked as a photo editor at the Associated Press and Reuters, set up the international operations of a South Asian online photo-agency and was a consultant on a number of film, video and interactive media projects.

Jatinder uses a flexible and dynamic shooting style, capturing the essence of people and spaces. He has significant experience in portraiture, having photographed business leaders, diplomats and performing artists, and has documented several architectural projects and heritage structures.

He melds his studio lighting expertise with location photography and his methods marry the strengths of both traditional and digital imaging technologies.

Jatinder may be reached by phone in the UK +44 7900 871 808, or by email at